Monday, May 10, 2010

7 Months

Even though we're halfway through his 8th month I still need to do an update on Max turning 7 months old! Now I have to remember what happened in his 7th month... haha!

First off this is the ONLY month that I haven't weighed him since he was born! I'm letting go a bit - hehe :) That being said, I think he's a little over 21 pounds. He's in 9-12 month clothing currently but I think he'll stay that way for awhile. His rate of growth seems to be slowing finally :)

Max has begun eating a wider range of solids. His favorites are peas, pears and yogurt. He also love to munch on Mum-mums, which are these little rice crackers that he can hold and munch himself. They are the perfect entertainment for him so we can enjoy our meals - especially in a restaurant!

Max also popped out his first two teeth this month! April 14th was when he got his first tooth, his bottom right and the bottom left poked out a little over a week later. It was pretty rough going until they were both through, but he's a much happier baby now. I'll be enjoying that until the top ones start coming in.

Sleeping has been much better this month as well. We worked with the Ferber method to get him to sleep in his own crib for longer stretches of time. We're a much more well rested family now and all very appreciative of that :)

Here's our little cutie a little bit after he turned 7 months old:

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