Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Holiday Time!

If you know me,  you know I am crazy about the holidays! I love the time from Thanksgiving to my birthday (January 11 for those of you who need reminders) more than any other time of the year. Summer runs a close second, but for different reasons!! Anyway, this year we are hosting Christmas Eve at our house and I am just so excited about it! We are having a crab feast with a table full of whole crabs, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and beer! We are thrilled to host Ritchie's family in what we hope to make a new tradition. 

Our house is looking very festive, too as we celebrate our first year in our home. Granted, we don't have the funds this year to go overboard with Christmas presents, but at least we have a loving home to come home to everyday. We feel very blessed to own our home and to both be employed by companies with visions that we admire and believe in. Overall, we are feeling happy this holiday season! 

1 comment:

the hamms said...

Yeah for Christmas and yeah for your second post

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