Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

In an effort to meet my February goal of getting dressed and prettied up every single day I'm going to post my first WIWW in a lloooonnnnggg time.

I only have two outfits because I just got around to taking pictures the past two days.

 photo DSC_0002-6_zps17068875.jpg

Whole freaking outfit: Nordstrom (but, in my defense - NOTHING in this outfit was purchased in the past 6 months. Well, the shoes were, but they were a gift from my parents for Christmas) (Oh, you can't even see the shoes. Bummer!)

 photo DSC_0044-1_zps706c4148.jpg

Why, yes. I need a bang trim. Holy hell, that is one bad picture. Just look at the fact that I got dressed.

So.... everything in this outfit is also old from Nordstrom EXCEPT the sweater. That's Anthropologie (new) from my mom for my birthday and the boots were Nordstrom (new) from Ritchie for Christmas.

See?? I'm really not spending money. Other people are though.

pleated poppy


Carolynn Markey said...

I love your bangs! Super cute!

Melodee said...

your outfits are adorable! bangs too cute...and the lights strung around your those too!

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